Rethink is a collaborative movement of individuals, communities and businesses to encourage people to evaluate their habits in terms of their consumption. We pick one sustainable issue at a time to promote sustainable lifestyle.

Right now we create movements to raise awareness on plastic waste issue and aim to reach 1,000,000 people to switch their single-use plastic items with sustainable alternatives by 2020. To achieve this goal, we provide a set of reusable products that we proudly call the Rethink Kit.

Rethink Kit

is a set of reusable products to replace single-use plastics in your daily activities.

While assisting people in implementing a lifestyle with less plastic, Rethink Kit also serves as a tool to measure our goal. For each Rethink Kit that is given means one person has switched to sustainable alternatives, hence reduced their plastic consumption.

By using one Rethink Kit, within a year, a person can reduce an estimated amount of

  1.    362 plastic straws

  2.    1277 plastic bcttles

  3.    107 plastic cutlery

  4.    700 plastic bags

Number of people who've switched plastic with sustainable alternatives through rethink.