Evoware’s Second Birthday Party + Ello Jello Launch at What’s Up Cafe

April 10, 2020

We just celebrated our second birthday last April, wohoo! You know you have fun, when time goes by quickly unnoticed, and we surely had one! It’s been a wonderful two years with full of experiences that helped us to improve and grow better. Thank you for those who believe in us since day 1 and everyone who supports us and made us who we are today!

To celebrate our second birthday, we launched our Ello Jello edible cup with our partner, What’s Up Café. As the theme for this launching is collaboration, we invited publics to collaborate with us in “Ello Jello Dessert Making Competition”. Through this competition we let our customers to decide what kind of dessert they like to enjoy with our edible cup. The winner would have his/her creation to be included on What’s Up Café menu, how exciting! We had 30 participants in total with 30 different desserts. Every contestant was given 7 minutes to finish their creation and got a range of dessert filling from ice cream, fruits to crackers and bubbles.

We got the first winner, Sherlin, a high school student who named her dessert “Ello Jello Flowers” as she cut the topping fruit into a flower shape. Beside she got her dessert made into What’s Up Café menu, she also received cash and bunch of fun prizes! Will be updating when you can start to enjoy “Ello Jello Flowers” at What’s Up Café, so stay tune!

So happy we got the chance to spent time with our closest partners and audiences for Ello Jello Dessert Making Competition. Thank you everyone for coming, you know who you are, see you on the next fun events!