Pasar Semesta – A Sustainable Festival

April 10, 2020

At Evoware, we do our part to create a cleaner and healthier environment, so everyone can experience how wonderful our home planet truly is. We know it’s impossible to work alone and still have the impact on the earth we aspire to, so we always look for ways to collaborate with fellow eco-warriors. Teamed up with Project Semesta, Burgreens and Union Yoga, we have created Pasar Semesta, a festival to celebrate a sustainable, conscious, eco-friendly and ethical lifestyle.

Our aim with Pasar Semesta is to share our love for nature and to inspire people to be more conscious and mindful of how our daily life—everything we do—affects our earth. The event was held on 2 & 3 December 2017 at Union Yoga and Burgreens Dharmawangsa, Jakarta’s first organic, healthy, plant-based eatery. As a pre-event, we held Kumpul Semesta, a series of discussions with practitioners and professionals about sustainable food, sustainable fashion, minimalism and finding a healthy balance between work and life.

Bringing up different topics every week leading up to Pasar Semesta, we encouraged everyone participating to dig deeper into the subject of our basic needs, to truly see the relationship between each of our own selves and the earth. Most people feel that sustainability or environmental issues are outside themselves, far from themselves. In fact, sustainability is always here, with us and within us. It is the food we choose and the clothes we wear. Our daily activities and consumption affect the earth as a whole. In Kumpul Semesta, we asked everyone to be more critically aware of what they choose, and to only consume what adds spark and true value to their lives.

For Pasar Semesta, we brought and presented various activities so visitors could get a bigger picture of what a sustainable lifestyle is all about, to get their hands on and experience that lifestyle, and to  learn more about brands and products dedicated to supplying and supporting a sustainable lifestyle. We offered talk shows, dialogues, workshops, movie screenings, yoga, and meditation, as well as thoughts on and examples of swap, repair and bulk storage, and sustainable brand markets. Most of the activities were free and visitors could interact closely, with both our speakers and each other, to gain insights into the most suitable sustainability practices that they can apply to their own daily lives.

Our workshops ranged from DIY home remedies such as upcycling plastic bag waste to create home décor, to composting and urban farming for kids. Our dialogues covered topics from zero-waste living, sustainable food, sustainable businesses, and sustainable urban lifestyles to find ikigai, the power of community and biodiversity. To focus on the sustainable brand market, we collaborated with brands who share and promote the kind of lifestyle that we wish to make a part of our lifestyles on this earth. Requirements? The brand has to be local, ethical, and use natural materials and sustainable practices, or at least be headed in that direction.

We succeeded in making this event waste-less, prohibiting our vendors from using plastic packaging, including plastic bags, and from handing out flyers. We also encouraged visitors to bring their own shopping bags, as well as jars, tumblers, cutlery and old or worn out clothes to be repaired, donated or swapped. We also asked everyone to take public transport if possible.

We were so happy and energized by the positive vibe that our visitors brought to the event. We made new friends and reaped inspiration, energy and the spirit to keep on doing what we’re doing. We hope this movement becomes only bigger and that many people, especially urbanites, will also choose a sustainable lifestyle—the lifestyle we need to maintain this earth for generations to come.

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