Bio Bag

March 30, 2020

Our bag is made from starch-based film, vegetable oil derivatives and other non-toxic materials. Ideal to hold dry items.

The bag does not contain PLA nor any plastic compound, therefore will not degrade into microplastic. It can biodegrade into oxygen, carbon dioxide and water through microorganisms (e.g. bacteria & fungi), and safe to be added into your home composting facility.

You can customize the bio-bag with your own branding. We use alcohol-based and toxic-free ink for the printing, therefore safe for the environment.

Despite passing the Acute Oral Toxicity Test, the bag is not certified as food and therefore not considered edible.


  • SNI Ekolabel (7188.7:2016) for degradable bioplastic shopping bags.
  • Acute Oral Toxicity, tested by WIL Reseach – Netherlands

For enquiry regarding price, minimum order quantity and branding, please go to the following link.