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David Christian

Chief of Executive Officer

Edwin Aldrin Tan

Chief of Financial Officer

Wirjadi Lorens

Chief of Operation Officer

Novita Indriani

Senior Business Development

Amanda Restu Hamirani

Campaign Manager

Ahmad Ikhsan Muharram

Marketing Manager

Ira Engelya

Inbound Sales

Mercia Nanlohy

International Sales

Veren Angelia

Finance Manager

Norma Etikawati

Operational Manager

Dominika Dwi Verdianti

Research & Development Staff

Cipta Kassan Pradja

Legal - of counsel


We are a group of people that focuses on raising awareness to educate people around single use plastic issues and consumption.

With vast variety of renewable resources and alternative materials, we're striving to provide innovative solutions to make a world without plastic pollution.

Unfortunately, those can only be done with we all working together and collaborate. We also work closely with our partners to actively become the advocate in raising awareness about sustainable living through our movement called Rethink Campaign. We don't provide products, we provide future.


A world without plastic pollution


Scale circular solutions to replace single-use plastic, and ignite collaborative movements to rethink plastic.

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